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ZOMG! Because we don't have nearly enough distractions while driving on the road already, I present you with this:


On second thought, I wonder if they are available in blue glitter?

Writer's Block: You've got the look

Which item in your wardrobe would shock the fashion police? Do you wear it in public?

I absolutely lurve this flannel pajama set but every single time I lounge around the house in it, I feel as if I've jumped right out of a 1984 Van Halen video ;-)

"I get up, and nothing gets me down!"

Why yes,my pajama set truly is this bright and the fact that it's from Betsey Johnson doesn't forgive the Van Halenish feelCollapse )
Happy Tuesday. I am having surgery at 9:50 tomorrow morning and am getting nervous. I *should* be an old pro by now, considering the number of surgeries I've had in my life due to health problems. Yet, I'm feeling a bit distressed. I tend to do fine in the weeks/days leading up to surgery and then the hospital calls the day before and asks if I have a DNR or Advanced Directive and I go a little nutty. It is simply part of the registration process, and it gets me every damn time. Please send good juju my way. I pray that I receive some answers to why my esophagus & intestines have been problematic for the last three months. And a good treatment plan, if it's not too much to ask?

Also, I had a long conversation with my mother last night. About a month ago she went in for her monthly massage and within a half hour after she started experiencing pain in her left leg and developed a swollen lump of some sort on the side of her thigh. Within 24 hrs it had swelled to the size of a softball! She went to see her primary care doc and they thought it was a result of an aggressive massage and told her to ice it. Well, it kept growing and so she went to see a specialist who thinks it could be a cancerous tumor. She has an MRI scheduled tomorrow at 1pm and could use a little good juju as well. I have no idea what I'm going to do if she does receive a cancer diagnosis. I can't allow myself to even consider the possibility. My dad is the ill-ish one in our family (has needed a heart transplant for 10 years) and my mom has always been the healthy one we didn't have to worry about. Dear universe, please don't let this be cancer! *shakes fists*

Writer's Block: Best movie of the year

What is the best movie of 2010?

I didn't see nearly enough movies in 2010 but here are a few that I highly recommend.

The Australian Horror flick "Primal." I saw this one at the H.P. Lovecraft film festival and it was pretty bad ass. I hope that it gets released.

Inception. I have only watched it once but I think I might need to watch it a second time in order to fully understand the concept. It's one of those movies where every viewer will come back with a different theory.

The Next Three Days (Russel Crowe). I saw this in the movie theater and it was a little slow to develop but had a great plot. Beautifully acted.

The Social Network. I wasn't going to watch this movie but saw an interview with Justin Timberlake on the film and was hooked. I was actually very impressed with the film. It was written well and the acting was supurb.

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

I was so blessed to spend Thanksgiving with my parents <3

Writer's Block: Cover me

Which songs have been covered better by artists who didn't originally sing them?

Ooh! Ooh! This is a fun one :-)

These covers give me goosebumps:

Johnny Cash - Hurt (NIN)
Jimi Hendrix - All along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe (can't remember the original artist)
Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) sorry Amy ;-)
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)
Bob Marley - I shot the sheriff (Clapton)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Crimson and Clover (Tommy James & The Shondells)
Aretha Franklin - Respect (Otis Redding)
Pennywise - Land down under (Men at Work)
Dope - You spin me round (Dead or Alive) - okay, not better than the original but a killer cover!

Other honorable mentions:
Primus - Devil went down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band)
Placebo - Big mouth Strikes again (Smiths)
Genitorturers - I t0uch myse!f (Divinyls)
Dead Kennedys - I fought the law (Sonny Curtis and the Crickets)

Writer's Block: Can you handle the truth?

What's the one question you would like to ask if the answer were guaranteed to be correct?

What are the Mega Million numbers for October 1, 2010?

Writer's Block: Pet central

Some animal rights activists are fighting to replace the term 'owner' with 'guardian' to convey a more balanced relationship between a person and her or his pet. Do you agree or disagree with the importance of this mission?

I'm going to agree with the importance of this mission. By changing the word to "Guardian" this will remind folks that being a guardian for an animal/pet requires responsible long-term emotional and financial commitment (regular vet visits, affection and exercise); not just providing the necessities (food, water).


In less than 24 hours, I'll be there!  CAN.NOT.WAIT!
This is an interesting read.  For years, I've been urging Jason to get his eyes checked as I was certain he was color blind.  Guess I was wrong.  Boy, I'm rarely ever wrong  ;-P