Stranger than fiction

22 January 1974
I am an old soul. I'm a bit eccentric, free spirited, honest to a fault, sassy, comfortable in my own skin and extremely quirky. I am drawn to artistic minded individuals and am never afraid to voice my opinion. I am a humanitarian by nature, ferociously independent, have a wicked sense of humor, love to laugh AND laugh at myself quite often! I embrace adventure and will try anything twice. One day I would love to sky dive! I'm spontaneous, compassionate and crazy about the outdoors and camping. I dig punk rock music and enjoy going to music festivals. I've been a vegetarian for 19 years and adore animals. I volunteer for the King County Humane Society, Feral Care organization, Books and Backpacks (benefits children grades K-9), Spirit of the Holidays and Food & Essentials programs and really love helping others. I am a good time. I'm interested in meeting others with similar interests for adventures around the city. Friends and family are the most important things in my world. I would do anything for those I love.